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Civil tabulatorIf you need assistance in the area of the Contractual Law, LAW OFFICE "ARTIS LEGAL" provide the following legal services:

  • Consultations for conclusion of contracts in the area of the civil, commercial and contractual law;

  • Comprehensive legal services for drafting and preparation of different types of agreements and representation during the conclusion thereof;

  • Documents’ drafting and assistance upon the conclusion of all types of contracts and agreements – for real estates, securities, lease transactions, transportation agreements, construction, manufacture, gift, sale and purchase, lease, delivery, commission and distribution agreements, brokerage and intermediation contracts, franchising, credit, loan, etc.;

  • Drafting and preparation of agreements related to companies’ commercial activity, in all economic areas and sectors;

  • Breaking and termination of contracts – out-of-court and in-court;

  • Incorporation and entry of collaterals and securities under contracts – mortgages, pledges, etc.;

  • Assistance in relation to out-of-court settlement of disputes under agreements entered into;

  • Litigation and legal representation in court procedures for illegal damaging – indemnification for property and non-property damages caused;

  • Litigation and legal defense on disputes related to the performance of concluded contracts, before any and all court instances, special jurisdictions and arbitrage courts.